Investing in commercial plots turns Trendy

Gurgaon, to a large extent still remains a semi-developed city of the National Capital Region (NCR). If one closely surveys the millennium city, he/she will find a huge disparity in terms of facilities offered in various sectors of Gurgaon. While some sectors are richly embedded with nicely structured housing colonies and good market places, there are others that have vast acres of empty land with no basic facility in sight. It can be due to ill-management on behalf of state authorities or slow expansion of Gurgaon in process. Whatever the case is there are people who have still found out a huge positive out of this negative in Gurgaon. The HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority) administration in Gurgaon has segregated and approved big chunks of these empty land areas as commercial plots. These empty commercial plots can be a great investment opportunity for people who want to double up their life’s savings in the fastest way possible. But there are certain things that have to be kept in mind before buying a commercial plot in Gurgaon.

Buying Commercial Plot

There are property dealers and builders in Gurgaon who sell commercial plots at lucrative rates. But out of them very few are trustworthy. They can arrange fake documentation for a particular piece of land in no time and dupe you of your hard-earned money. Also, always do a pre-check that whether the commercial plot that you are buying lies in authorized colony/sector or not. The property dealers in Gurgaon generally try to convince people in buying an unauthorized plot saying that the area will get the Government’s approval within few months. Don’t fall prey to such fake promises and lose everything in the end. These unauthorized colonies can get razed by the government any day leaving you with nothing in hand. The best thing one should do before buying a commercial plot is look of an approved land lying within an undeveloped area in Gurgaon. Buy this land and wait for its value to be appreciated due to on-going infrastructural boost given to the city. As and when the state government will start enhancing the facilities of this area your land will start paying rich dividends.

Selling Commercial Plot

Once you own a commercial plot the second step will be selling it once the value has reasonably gone up. The key is to watch carefully the market trends. Keep yourself abreast with latest trends in Real Estate and when and how the value of your commercial plot is going to shoot. It is more or less like the stock market but the wait can be much longer. Look for industries as prospective buyers who plan to setup their units in Gurgaon. Once you get a nice buyer for your commercial plot the process of buying and selling begins. From preparing selling agreement to getting NOC (No Objection Certificate) from authorities in concern like HUDA, Ansals and DLF are all part of the process. Finally the Sub Registrar verifies all the details of the deal and everything is finalized. A commercial plot investor can be the king of Real Estate seeing the current market trends in Gurgaon.


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